Thank you for joining World Migratory Bird Day. The annual conservation theme is Year of the Bird - 365 Days of Bird Conservation. This theme focuses on the importance of the places where birds stop to rest and refuel as they travel between breeding sites and non-breeding sites In the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Share the theme and provide people with information about how they can help birds along the way.
We hope you will share information about the importance of habitat to migratory birds. Learn more at
Each year, Environment for the Americas provides materials to groups who do not have the budget to purchase them. We wish we could make our materials free of charge to everyone, and we will work to accommodate as many groups as possible. Please complete the following survey, and we will notify you as we make the selections.
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Recipients of Mini-Grants must accomplish 4 activities to be considered. Do you agree to the following: / Los beneficiarios de los materiales educativos del DIAM deben completar la siguente. Esta de acuerdo hacer los siguentes:

1. Register your event at / Registre su evento en:
2. Provide an event report / Provea un informe con detalles del evento
3. Send 3 photos of your event / Mandar 3 fotos del evento
4. Provide a link from your website to / Provea un enlace entre su sitio de internet y lo del DIAM (

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How many Migratory Bird Day events has your organization hosted? / ¿Cuantos eventos del Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias ha ofrecido su organizacion?

Briefly share the factors that are affecting your organization's ability to purchase WMBD materials and how a mini-grant will benefit your event. / Brevemente explica como su organización utilizara los materiales para divulgar educación acerca de aves migratorias?

Recipients will receive as many IMBD materials as possible from the following items. Please indicate the quantity of each you would ideally like to have.  Recipientes recibirán materiales del DIAM en cantidades disponibles. Por favor, indique la cantida

Bird Stickers / Pegatinas de Aves

Bird Tattoos / Tatuajes de Aves

Item No Longer Available

IMBD 2018 Posters, Student Version (12"x17")
Afiches del DMAM para estudiantes (12"x17")

Jr. Birder Booklets (English only)

Why Birds Matter Infographic (English/Spanish) / Porque Importan las Aves Infografic

Bird Masks / Mascaras de Aves

EFTA Birds / Aves de EFTA

20 Ways to Help Birds Bookmarks (Bilingual: English/Spanish) / Marcador del libro sobre conservación de las Aves

Item no longer available.

Conservation Pins / Botónes de Conservación

Thank you for your application. We will respond as quickly as possible.
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